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    Installation and debugging methods and means of transfer machine

    Release time:2018-03-29 13:38:57  Number of views:

    1. The transfer machine should be installed on a solid foundation, away from the vibration source: avoid sunlight and thermal radiation: place it in a dry place to avoid the influence of moisture and airflow. If there is a vibration source nearby, shockproof facilities must be installed around the transfer machine. 
    2. The transfer machine should be placed on the foundation and leveled in a free state. Then, the anchor bolts should be evenly locked. When measuring the installation accuracy, it should be carried out under constant temperature conditions. The measuring tool needs to go through a period of constant temperature before use. When installing the transplanting machine, efforts should be made to avoid the installation method that causes forced deformation of the machine tool. During installation, certain components of the machine tool should not be removed casually. The disassembly of components may cause important new distribution of internal stress in the machine tool, thereby affecting the accuracy of the machine tool. 
    3. After passing the geometric accuracy inspection of the machine tool, it is necessary to clean the entire machine. Use cotton or silk cloth soaked in cleaning agents, and do not use cotton or gauze. Clean the rust resistant oil or paint that was applied to protect the guide rail surface and machining surface of the machine tool at the factory. Clean the dust on the external surface of the machine tool. Apply lubricating oil specified by the machine tool to each sliding surface and working surface. 
    4. After the installation of all equipment is completed, the performance indicators of the transfer machine should be adjusted to normal state and able to operate stably for a period of time before being officially put into production.

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