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  • PCB curve dividing machine
    PCB Splitter
    Semiconductor material box typ
    Semiconductor NG/OK stacker
    slat conveyer
    Material box type plate feeder
    Material box type plate harves
    Pushing and stacking integrate
    Stacking stacker
    Stacked plate feeder
    NG/OK stacker/dual track stack
    Parallel transplanting machine
    NG/OK cache machine
    Screening conveyor
    LED light strip loading machin
    Design of tooling fixtures
    Multifunctional cache machine
    Docking station
    Work desk

    Dongguan Yongji Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., located in Chang'an Town, Dongguan City with convenient transportation, is a comprehensive company specializing in the research, development, production and sales of SMT transmission equipment. With years of technological accumulation and continuous innovation, our company has a full range of standard equipment such as feeding machines, receiving machines, transfer machines, multifunctional caching machines, NG/OK caching machines, and docking stations, and can customize specialized transmission equipment for customers.

              Yongji Electronics has established a good corporate image through years of research and development of SMT peripheral equipment in the production process, relying on strong talent advantages, advanced technology, and a complete service system. Stand out in the SMT industry and establish extensive business relationships with various electronic product production enterprises.

            The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "excellent craftsmanship and favorable prices", and has made solid efforts in product development. In order to meet the various needs of customers, our R&D personnel will continuously visit their equipment usage sites to understand the shortcomings and abnormal situations of the equipment, timely find the best solution, and continuously develop better, more complete, and cost-effective products, in order to repay the trust and support of our customers!

    Dongguan Yongji Electronic Technology Co., Ltd



    Mr. Pan:13423371905

    Miss Jiang:13650175699

    Address:Room 301, Building 15, No. 142, Jinghai West Road, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

    East China office

    Contact person:Song Taisheng  13306131418

    Address:Room 8319, Building 4, No.1 Qianzhu Road, Yuexi Street, Wuzhong Economic Development Zone, Suzhou


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